Xpedition Archery

Introducing the Thresher X! This bow is ideal for any archer that wants a high-efficiency, short axle to axle bow. The broad spec range can comfortably fit a teen or woman shooter, but also meets the high performance needs of any archer wanting a 30 inch ATA bow. The Thresher X is an apex predator achieving IBO speeds of up to 330 fps at only 28/60. It comes in solid colors – Molten Black, Tactical Sand and Ops Green. This is the first XA bow to sport Realtree Timber.

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Xpedition Archery

The new 30” ATA design is a perfect mix between the very popular Xplorer and the game changing Mako X. The Xscape offers a forgiving 6” brace height and pushes the speed limits of the compact bow category, with IBO speeds reaching 350 FPS.

The Xscape features the all new limb pocket system that provides incredible stability and rigidity that translates into consistency.

The Hybrid Duel Stop (HDS) cam makes the magic happen on the Xscape. The efficiency, tuning, and adjustability of this cam is second to none. The ability to fine-tune the limb stops, cable stops, or both, sets this cam in a category of its own.

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Denali LX (DLX)
Xpedition Archery

You asked and we delivered. A bow that is designed to hunt and get tournament archers on the podium. The Denali LX (DLX) delivers top end performance for hunting or tournament results.

The new caged riser design sets a new standard for perfect balance and stability. The DLX utilizes an enhanced limb pocket system to create consistency that archers demand in the field and on the line.

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Xpedition Archery

The Mako X series was developed with precision forging and a caged riser designed to be incredibly stable while reducing shot noise and vibration. The Mako X series also features a new limb pocket system that maintains perfect alinement through the entire power stroke of the bow.

These bows are powered by the new Hybrid Duel Stop (HDS) cam. The HDS cam allows shooters to choose between limb stop, cable stop, or a combination of both. This advancement will let archers fine-tune to their exact shooting style.

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T24 Hunter Series Compound Bow

  • Bow Color: Grey
  • String Color: Grey/Black
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