Cir-Cut Felt Silencing Material
Black felt adhesive pad that is used to reduce noise. 3" x 7" size.
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Cir-Cut Silence-Ilator Pads
Super soft adhesive backed material. Made of sound absorbing, cold insulating neoprene. Material is easily cut and will conform to all shapes.
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4-Dot String Stopper
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Cir-Cut Micro Fleece Silencing Material

SPECIFICATIONS Brand Cir-Cut Item Name Cir-Cut Micro Fleece Silencing Material Attributes Camouflage 3.75×10 in Pack Size 1 Feature 1 Fleece pad Feature 2 Self adhesive backing Feature 3 Measures 10″ x 3 3/4″ Description Camo fleece pad with self-adhesive backing. Measures … Continued

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Super SlipJax
Comes 4 to a pack The future of compound bow manufacturing is for faster bows...shouldn't your string dampener be designed with this in mind? These weigh only 13 grains, and these are built out of a tougher material than the original slipjax. These will last longer than the original slipjax by far. The future of string silencer design is finally here. The new Super Slipjax have a robust design and are half the weight of the original super slipjax. They weigh only 13 grains.
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X-It Stabilizer
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Revelations 15/16″ Limb Dampener
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Revelations 11/16″ Limb Dampener
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BowJax Crossbow Kit
BowJax Crossbow Kit that has everything you can install yourself without a bow press in just a few minutes. This kit has the same universally sized split limb dampeners.
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RiserJax Dampener (Black)
RiserJax Dampeners have a 1 1/2" base to fit cut out holes up to 1 1/4" wide 2 to a pack
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RiserJax II Dampener (Black)
RiserJax ll Dampeners have a base of 1" in diameter, fits up to 3/4" wide riser holes, 2 pk
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