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Hoppe’s BoreSnake Viper Bore Cleaner and Length .40/.41/10mm Auto s 24003V


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Product Description

Hoppe’s BoreSnake Viper takes the world’s fastest gun bore cleaner and makes it even better. The BoreSnake Viper utilizes the same one-pass pull-through technology and compact storage size of the original BoreSnake with the addition of an extra cleaning brush for a total of three, providing 50% more cleaning power. The BoreSnake Viper has a cone shaped bore guide on the leading end to allow for easy insertion into your gun’s bore.

The pull cord on the BoreSnake Viper is attached directly to the brushes for superior strength. The area to apply lubricant on the BoreSnake is clearly marked in bright orange.

Specifications and Features:

  • Pistol and Revolver Length
  • Brass weight on he pull cord is stamped with size
  • The BoreSnake Viper has 50% more brush cleaning power than the BoreSnake
  • Cone shaped bore guide on the leading end
  • Nylon cord attached directly to the bronze scrubbing brush
  • Lubrication zone

.40/.41/10mm Auto Caliber Pistols and Revolvers


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