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Lethal® No1 Gun Oil is a revolutionary single use lubricant THAT DOES IT ALL. SAFE FOR all metal, wood, rubber, laminates, multi-color camo patterns or molded-in colors & polymer-frames.

  • Helps Prevent Jams & Malfunctions Caused by Dirt
  • Breaks Down and Removes Carbon & Rust
  • Oil Penetrates into the Tiniest Nooks, Gaps & Spaces
  • Coating All Moving Parts
  • Coats & Protects All Parts During Use or Storage
  • Prevents Rust, Corrosion and Pitting
  • Does Not Attract Dust or Dirt
  • Long Lasting – Fewer Applications

No1 Gun Oil Cap

Item #: 956467-2A
UPC #: 732109407229
Unit Size: 2 oz. (57 g)

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  • Removes caked dirt, oil, grease, fouling and dust
  • Helps prevent jams and malfunctions caused by dirt
  • Breaks down and removes carbon & rust


  • Resists evaporation, separation and gumming
  • Oil penetrates into the tiniest nooks, gaps and spaces coating all moving parts
  • Maintains slickness in extreme heat and cold


  • Displaces moisture to prevent rust
  • Does not breakdown with water, sweat or humidity


  • Keeps bore like new, promoting consistent accuracy
  • Keeps all metal, wood, plastics and polymers fresh, clean, shiny and new


  • Coats & protects all parts during use or storage
  • Long lasting – less applications
  • Prevents rust, corrosion and pitting
  • Does not attract dust or dirt

Directions: ALWAYS make sure the firearm is empty and the safety is set. Lethal® No1 Gun Oil is a multipurpose product to clean and care for your firearms. It is used in the same manner as any cleaner or lubricant. You can use it with bore brushes, cleaning patches, rags, snakes or just spray where you need it. Unique “Duel Head” spray cap allows for overall fan or precision spray for specific areas to be treated. Wipe off excess Lethal® No1 Gun Oil  on the areas treated. It will absorb into the surface leaving a “Micro” protective coating as a lubricant/cleaner. Works in all climates. Will not gum up in cold temperatures down to -40°F (-40°C). Treat firearms prior to storage.

PRECAUTIONS: PHYSICAL HAZARDS: Contents under pressure. Cans exposed to direct sunlight or otherwise heated above 120°F (49°C) may burst. SAFE HANDLING PROCEDURES: KEEP CAN OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. Use in ventilated areas. Do not use, store or dispose of near sources of heat, flames, sparks or other hot surfaces. Do not puncture or incinerate (burn) can. Store in a cool, dry, well ventilated area. Dispose of in accordance with all applicable federal, state and local regulations. HEALTH HAZARDS:  Excessive inhalation of vapor, intentional misuse and ingestion of liquid may be harmful or fatal. HEALTH PROTECTION MEASURES: Avoid breathing product mist and vapor. Do not take internally. Do not get into eyes. Wash hands thoroughly before touching eyes. FIRST AID: Always get prompt medical attention for any ill effects that persist or appear later. If in eyes, IMMEDIATELY flush area thoroughly with water and remove contact lenses, then hold eyelids open and continue flushing eyes.

CONTAINS (CAS#): Petroleum distillate (64741-89-5/ 64742-54-7 / 64742-47-8). Heptane (64742-49-0), Isopropanol (67-63-0) and Carbon dioxide (124-38-9).

This product has been formulated for use on firearms & firearm components only, as stated on this can. Not for any other use.

Developed w/ Gibbs Enterprises.


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