RiserJax II Dampener (Black)


RiserJax ll Dampeners have a base of 1″ in diameter, fits up to 3/4″ wide riser holes, 2 pk

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We’ve been getting asked by customers and bow companies about the best solution for taking vibration out of the bow riser itself. After extensive testing and the development of the monsterjax, the R&D department at Bowjax has come up with the new RiserJax. Riserjax come with two monsterjax dampeners that are attached by a machined screw through a hole in the riser. You will receive one set like this for the upper part of the riser, and another set for the lower part of the riser. Riserjax will calm that previously untamed bow. If you’ve got a bow with some riser vibration, throw on some RiserJax and you’ll notice the difference.


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